Born in New York City back when Gotham was legitimately dangerous, Christina has been fascinated with history, particularly the tales of those society sees as outlaws, as soon as she could open a book. A dual citizen of Canada and the United States, she can claim a dubious connection to Irish pirates on one side of her family and to Italian relatives who discouraged such nosy questions on the other.

Christina spent ten years as a print reporter for a variety of newspapers in Missouri and California talking to people from criminal defense lawyers in San Diego to pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and trying to do honor to their stories. She was also part of the team of activists and lawyers who secured the repeal in 1998 of San Diego Municipal Code 56.19, the last enforced criminal ordinance in a major American city which targeted Trans people for appearing in public.

After embracing the Dark Side shortly thereafter and going to law school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Christina became the first person to undergo a gender transition in the law school’s history while enrolled. She remains the only openly Trans person licensed to practice law in Nevada and while resident in the state, crafted the procedure for Nevada courts to grant legal name and gender changes, which is still being used, with some modifications, to this day.

Christina was admitted to practice law in California in 2008 and relocated to San Francisco in 2009, where she focuses on criminal defense. “Lanza’s Mob” is her first nonfiction book as well as the first published history of the activities of the Italian Mafia in San Francisco.

When not writing, or practicing law, she enjoys being the bane of the Deplorables, helping to chase Nazis and white supremacists out of Berkeley and generally making bigots afraid again.

Follow her on Twitter at @ChristinaSFLaw.